CMAX scales Content that drives Clicks that delivers Customers

Every search engine bridges the gap between customer Questions and Answers on the internet. In paid prevents hallucinations media, these solutions come in the form of advertisements, while in SEO, they're delivered through content.

Hyper Scalable

Can easily scale to 1,000 or 1,000,000 pages of unique content in weeks

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Self Optimizing

Every page learns, adapts and gets better overtime, automatically

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Fast to Implement

Two lines of code that works with any CMS system

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Brand Safe & Compliant

We train our AI only on approved content which prevents hallucinations

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More content means the ability to address a wider range of questions, thereby increasing your potential traffic. CMAX is the world’s most advanced programmatic SEO platform that generates unique content that catches customer queries at a speed and scale that your competitors can’t match

Why us?

Hyperscalable Content

Whether it’s 1,000 or 1,000,000 pieces of unique content, through CMAX we can do it in Weeks. Each piece of content is like a string in a rapidly growing net, the more content you have the more traffic you can capture. Our AI generated content is all based on training data specific to you from which we build custom Large Language Models (LLMs) which guarantees uniqueness no matter how many pages.

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Fast to Implement

CMAX is an end to end solution. Once we finalize the SEO terms you want to target at scale which determine the pages that need to be built, the technical implementation is fast and simple. You just need to add two lines of code on the pages/templates you want our content on and we do the rest. This code works on any CMS.

Step 1

We Help You Uncover Keywords to Target through Content

Step 2

Put our JS code on new or existing pages

Step 3

CMAX automatically injects contextual self optimizing content and cross links

Self Optimizing

There’s two levels of self optimization that occurs on the CMAX system once deployed to help it improve performance over time on auto pilot.

Page Level Optimization

First is Page level optimization in which each page of content runs micro-experiments to progressively get better over time

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Portfolio Optimization

Second is Portfolio based optimization e.g. if we deployed 10,000 pages and 2,000 were underperforming, the 8,000 that are will reoptimize themselves to help support the 2,000 that aren’t so that they can improve in line with the rest

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Brand Safe & Compliant

Each deployment is customised for each client by training CMAX only on formallyapproved content from which close derivations are created adapted to the targetkeyword for a given page without the risk of hallucinations. This solution is used acrossheavy compliance industries like Medical, Finance and Legal

Compliant Training Data

Compliant Content


The Untapped 90% SEO

Searches within a given vertical typically categorize into two main types: high-volume “Head/Shoulder” terms and “Long tail” terms, which are lower in volume and often extend beyond three keywords. While Longtail terms may initially seem less appealing due to their lower volume, they frequently offer higher conversion rates. However, targeting these terms requires creating a large amount of content, as there are thousands of such specific queries.

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More Customers, Less Competition

This is why almost all SEO programmes are focused on targeting a select few popular keywords. Whilst on the surface it makes sense,when you delve into the actual data you realize that as a group, the thousands of Longtail terms make up 90% of the total search opportunity, with less competition. The reason why the SEO industry doesn’t refer to Longtail much is because it’s very difficult to target at scale, until now with CMAX. It allows you to target the 90% opportunity while your competitors fight over 10%

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What is Programmatic SEO and how does CMAX fit into this?

Programmatic SEO is an innovative approach that uses algorithms, machine learning, and collected data on how users behave to optimize and manage SEO processes more effectively. This method continuously examines performance data to instantly enhance the efficiency of high volumes of pages, keywords, and websites.

CMAX is Area Ten’s proprietary AI-powered platform that elevates Programmatic SEO to the next level by automating the process and achieving outcomes that outpace traditional strategies. It addresses two main challenges usually found in conventional SEO:

  • How can I build content at scale that not only draws in visitors and search engines but also complies with legal and regulatory standards?
  • How can I establish credibility and become a recognized source of trustworthy information?

CMAX has been developed and refined over the last decade to give brands and companies a significant competitive advantage. It delivers SEO results four times faster and creates content up to ten times the scale than traditional methods. Using basic tools and limited staff against AI-driven systems is like challenging a tank with a bicycle.

With CMAX, you have a powerful, self-learning system that can perform thousands of parallel tests and adapt to evolving algorithms and market changes. Best of all, this strategy starts delivering tangible results within six weeks.

We offer consultations where we demonstrate how effectively this technology has been applied across different industries. 

Why is CMAX better than other SEO programs?

CMAX stands out from other SEO programs primarily because it doesn’t just focus on ‘head’ terms – high-competition keywords with large search volumes that are difficult and expensive to rank. Instead, it uses a ‘Full Body‘ SEO approach that also targets ‘longtail’ keywords. Typically, these keywords are used by people closer to completing a purchase, making them more valuable for your brand.

What really makes this approach more efficient is that it automates the entire SEO process. Traditional SEO tools provide insights and suggest strategies, but then stop there. CMAX goes a step further by also automatically implementing these strategies, on top of offering valuable insights.

By automating strategy execution, this approach ensures that the SEO efforts are not only data-driven but also effectively applied.

Moreover, CMAX dramatically increases efficiency and the ability to scale up operations. Our AI-driven system achieves powerful SEO results four times quicker and can manage a volume ten times greater than traditional methods. Lastly, CMAX content is dynamic and self-learning, continuously adapting to changes in search engine algorithms. This ensures that the SEO strategies remain optimized and the content stays relevant.

CMAX has been proven successful by top global brands, which we’re excited to discuss with you in our consultations.

How long does programmatic SEO take to implement?

Implementing our Programmatic SEO system, CMAX, generally takes about 4 to 6 weeks, which is a quick turnaround for SEO strategies.

Setting this strategy up only requires adding a simple code to the web pages you want to improve. Our team of skilled copywriters will write the initial content, and upon your approval regarding business, legal, and regulatory requirements in your industry or company, it becomes the training material for our AI system. This allows the AI to generate tens of thousands of context-specific variations of your approved content.

Through our technology-first Full Body SEO approach, you should start seeing results within the first six weeks, scaling over time to deliver greater and quicker SEO results.

Will programmatic SEO lead to duplicate content?

No, using programmatic SEO with our CMAX system does not lead to duplicate content.

Unlike traditional programmatic SEO methods that might create this issue, CMAX leverages AI to generate millions of unique, contextually relevant pages of content that perform well in search engine rankings like Google’s. This means you get a scalable solution that is ten times more effective compared to conventional SEO strategies, with visible results starting in just six weeks.

We offer demonstrations of how leading brands successfully use CMAX during our consultation sessions and project how this strategy could impact your brand.

Will it slow down my site?

CMAX won’t slow down your website. CMAX’s content is loaded through asynchronous JavaScript, which means it does not affect your site’s loading speed. As a result, our code has been optimized for speed and indexing by search engines like Google.

If you’re concerned about how CMAX might impact your site’s performance, we can show you examples of many other sites that are using this strategy. You can also conduct your own diagnostics to check its impact on page loading times.

How does the system work to improve my SEO?

CMAX is an AI-powered programmatic SEO system that combines machine learning, AI algorithms, and a thorough analysis of data. It optimizes your website to be more visible for thousands of keywords, including both highly competitive ‘head’ terms and highly profitable but lower-volume ‘longtail’ search terms.

This strategy helps your site perform better in searches by covering a wide range of search opportunities across different search volumes, enhancing your overall SEO results.

What are longtail search terms and how does your system target them?

Longtail search terms are specific, typically multi-word search queries. While they might not be searched as frequently, longtail search terms tend to indicate users with buying intent, leading to better chances of sales or conversions. CMAX targets these terms through unique, high-quality content aligned with these specific searches, thus meeting user needs and boosting website SEO performance.

What are the benefits of targeting longtail search terms?

Targeting longtail search terms with CMAX has several benefits. Longtail search terms allow you to target niche traffic with less competition, resulting in easier and faster SEO results. Longtail terms often represent users further along the decision-making process, whether it’s to make a purchase or other types of conversions

Can you explain your ‘Full Body’ SEO approach?

Our ‘Full Body‘ SEO approach is a holistic strategy that optimizes your online presence and visibility. While most SEO strategies primarily target ‘head’ terms — popular, highly competitive keywords that are often expensive and difficult to rank for — our method optimizes your site for both head terms and longtail keywords, which are less competitive but also profitable. 

Imagine replacing a fishing rod with a net: the rod might catch larger fish (head terms), but it overlooks many smaller ones (longtail terms). Our ‘Full Body‘ approach is like using a net to capture a broad range of search opportunities, significantly increasing your brand’s visibility this way.